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Industrial Supply and Service is a full line distributor for Quincy Compressor. Our product range includes reciprocating compressors from 1/3 Horse Power to 25 Horse Power and rotary screw air compressors from 5 Horse Power to 500 Horse Power in oil flooded as well as oil free. We keep a large inventory of air compressors in each of our locations. We stock from 5 Horse Power to 100 Horse Power air compressors in both tank and base mounted configurations. This allows us to provide our customers with the broadest range and quickest delivery on equipment.

Field Service

Our factory trained service technicians are available 24/7 to provide fast reliable service and repairs for your compressed air or vacuum systems. Each technician is equipped with the necessary parts and training to help keep your equipment running the most efficient and reliable way it can. From planned on site service to emergency call out repairs and complete air end and machine rebuilds, Industrial Supply and Service can provide a cost effective service and repair for your compressed air and vacuum system.

Electric Rental Air Compressors

We offer environmentally friendly quiet workspace ready electric air compressors that do not require expensive diesel fuel, produce noxious fumes or have the hassle of keeping them fueled up. Our electric air compressors have aftercooolers to help reduce water contamination and they will work with existing plant compressed air dryers. Our rental compressors range from 5 Horse Power to 200 Horse Power. Refrigerated and desiccant rental dryers are available to help protect compressed air systems from water and other contaminants. Rental equipment delivery and pickup is available.

Remote Telemetry

In todays world, there can never be too much information. The same is true with compressed air systems. Many of our air compressor models come standard with remote communication and visualization features. We also have the ability to retrofit most other brands and models with these same features. The remote communication and visualization allows our customers to monitor the condition of their compressed air system and allows us to be proactive in our preventive maintenance on the machines.

Turn Key Installation

We create and maintain reliable and energy efficient compressed air systems. Retrofit and green field design from the compressor room to the production floor are our specialty. Our design and installation services include air piping, electrical, ventilation, heat recovery, air quality assessment, sizing, ducting, rigging and project management. Our goal it to provide our valuable customers with years of trouble-free and energy efficient air systems while keeping the costs of ownership down.


We sell and install aluminum and stainless steel compressed air piping. The Aluminum line of compressed air piping has sizes ranging from 1⁄2” to 6” and the Stainless Steel piping ranges from 1⁄2” to 4”. The quick and easy installation of these two materials makes retrofitting an existing air system or installing a whole new compressed air system a breeze. Benefits to the aluminum compressed air piping are no leaks, no rust, light weight, less frictional loss, and ease of installation. If you have a plan or drawing that you need to have quoted for the compressed air lines, we have the professional ability to provide a quote for all you will need to complete the project.

Part Support

Service and repair parts are key to keeping your compressed air and vacuum equipment running. We have three warehouses with the appropriate stock of replacement filters, lubricant, and repair parts that allows us to provide immediate availability. Our parts personnel have the technical experience to provide our customers with the proper parts on time. Each service technicians vehicle is also stocked with the appropriate parts needed for service and repairs.

Compress Air Leak Survey

Compressed air is an expensive plant utility. This is typically the only plant utility that is produced by the plant. Compressed air leaks often go unnoticed because compressed air is colorless and odorless. Furthermore, leaks are difficult to identify in noisy plant environments. These factors can lead to a significant amount of wasted compressed air energy and money from leaks.

We utilize the latest generation of ultrasonic leak detectors. We scan the plant compressed air headers, sub-headers, drops and air users to identify leaks. Once identified the leaks are tagged, categorized and located on a plant pipework schematic. A report is compiled at the completion of the survey. The report lists the locations of all leaks identified, estimates the total amount of compressed air consumed by leaks and the cost of the leaks.

Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Supply and Service provides sales and service for vacuum pump systems. We offer oil free and oil lubricated rotary vane systems, liquid ring systems, rotary claw, and rotary screw variable speed drive systems. Our vacuum systems range from 1.5 Horse Power to 125 Horse Power. Multi plex systems and NFPA compliant systems are also available.

Gas Compressors

ISS (Industrial Supply & Service, LLC) can build custom natural gas packages. Our packages are designed for gas gathering and boosting for sale line. Capacities up to 300 mfd and pressures up to 500 psig. Packages can be fully customizable from simple motor and pump skids to full units with scrubbers and capacity controls.

Service Contracts

Maximize efficiency and up-time with professionally managed and maintained compressed air equipment. We offer flexible service plans with flexible payments done by factory trained technicians. Our plans and services for compressed air equipment cover the many unique needs of our customers. We can lock in prices and reduce administration costs with our Guardian plans. Affordable airend warranty protection with our Airend Protection Plan gives you warranty coverage for up to ten years. Advanced services like asset management with, lubricant analysis, dryer service and maintenance checklists enhance all of our service plans.

Maintenance Checklist

16 point checklist provides a written report of the service. It complies historical data on equipment. It notes additional maintenance requires and suggested service.

Lubricant Analysis

Lubricant analysis program provides early detection of bearing wear and lubricant breakdown. This helps you squeeze all of the life out of your lubricant investment.

Nothing Unexpected

If additional service is required to ensure proper operation we get approval before the work is performed. This way you never get an unexpected bill.

Desiccant Dryers

The service plan can also include regenerative dryers. Coalescing and particulate filter changes. Desiccant analysis.

User Definable

We can customize our service plan to fit your budget or unique needs.

Cost Containment

Quoted prices let you know the maintenance cost of your compressed air system.

Guardian Plans Save costs on your compressed air system with the Preventive Guardian and Parts Guarding Plan. These plans offer flexible payment schedules and lock prices in at today’s cost for the duration of the plan. Issue one purchase order and required service or parts are performed and delivered automatically. This eliminates excessive administration cost associated with making multiple orders for parts and service.

Parts Guardian is a plan that locks in today’s parts prices and delivers them automatically to you as needed. No phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. are required. The parts show up as needed automatically.

Preventive Guardian Plan keeps you focused on your production and process equipment. Compressed air equipment is serviced and maintained by professional technicians. This service like the Parts Guardian locks in pricing and reduces paperwork. Keeping compressed air equipment covered with the Preventive Guardian lets customers experience an average of an additional 16 days of uptime each year.

Airend Protection Plan Airend warranty with the Airend Protection Plan is available for most compressors in or out of factory warranty and less than ten years old. Protect your air compressor airend for up to ten years from its startup date. It’s simple, just sign up for an affordable service protection plan. Your airend will be rebuilt at no charge if it fails during the coverage period*. It is available for most rotary screw brands 50 HP and above that are less than 10 years old.

The Airend Protection Plan can also be used to protect older an air compressor’s airend for up to five years after we rebuild the airend.

Our service protection plan includes premium quality fluid that often exceeds the manufacturer’s fluid. It also includes free enrollment in an exclusive web-based asset management site specifically designed for compressed air equipment. It gives you service reports and information about your equipment available anywhere, any time. *See Airend Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for an explanation of coverage.

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